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About Us

We are a e-Sport clan that are still growing. As of right now, we are not international, but we do hope soon to get international. Righ now, we are just growing in our home town, soon, maybe in 2019, we are planning to go international.

Other Information About Us

This e-Sport clan started off one day when two peple were bored. We decided to start a clan and we already had 2 people that wanted to join. Within a month, we got over 15 members. Some members did leave but we got more. We are always accepting new members. Those who are not in our town, dont worry! We are becoming international soon.

Not all of us have a YouTube channel. If you go to The Velocity 9 YouTube channel, you will see all the YouTube channels that are associated with Velocity 9. You can also go to the Infinite Broz YouTube channel which is another channel associated with Velocity 9 and that is controlled by the creators of Velocity 9. If you comment anything, we will make sure that we reply back to you guys.

We are still growing! Go EXPLORE the rest of the website to get to know Velocity 9 a little more!


These are all of our sponsors, we are always looking for more sponsors. If you would like to sponsor us, please go to the Contact Us section and e-mail or DM us on Twitter.

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If you would like to sponsor us, please go to the Contact Us section and e-mail or DM us on Twitter.


These are all of our updates for Velocity 9.


We have officially gone INTERNATIONAL!

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Contact Us

If you need to contact us, use one of the following ways. We suggest you to contact us through the V9 e-mail and/or the V9 Twitter. The secondary e-mail isn't checked much so it might take longer for us to see your message. The secondary e-mail is their just incase the V9 e-Mail and the V9 Twitter does not work. The V9 e-Mail and the V9 Twitter is check once a week. If you are contacting us through Twitter, DM us and do not tag us on a post.

V9 e-Mail


V9 Twitter


Secondary e-Mail


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